Monday, January 7, 2008

The Kimura - Wrecking Shoulders since 1955

Tonight we focused entirely on the Kimura from side control. The Path to the Kimura goes as such:

1. First trap the target arm using your head and the arm closes to your opponents feet.
2. Next slide the other arm under your opponents shoulder/arm and grab your own shoulder/bicep as if you are putting an RNC on your opponents arm.
3. Keep your grip tight and Use your head and the arm nearest your opponents feet to force his hand down towards the mat.
4. Apply the Kimura grip.
5. Step the head closest to your opponents head over him so that you end up in headmount.
6. Crank that bitch.

Step 2 and 3 were particularly enlightening. I was previously trying to catch my opponent and just push his hand down and lock on the kimura. Securing the arm first gives a lot more control. This class had the side effect of improving my side control a lot as well, I really got a clearer idea of how to maintain it and work something. I had a lot of trouble losing it before.

All in all, good class. I picked up several good tips to work on.
I'm also being encouraged to move into the more advanced monday/wednesday class at 7:30.

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