Friday, January 11, 2008

Open Mats - Jan 11

Ralph was back for Open Mats today so I welcomed him back with a good 15 minute roll. He still has some slickass triangles and caught me twice. Even when I see them coming he still slides them in there. Using my new found side control skizzilz I was able to get side control on him a few times. I also started utilizing some wrestling stuff I've been remembering from HS and used a headlock sprawl to take his back. I can never finish anything on him, had a shot at a kimura and couldn't close the deal. Couldn't manage to get his arm locked out for an armbar, nothin. I gotta figure out how to finish better at some point.

We had a brief hiatus for a couple of the guys who have fights coming up to do mock fights, they both looked alright and hopefully they'll do well.

After that 10 minutes or so of rest I was feeling completely fresh again and rolled with a tall blond kid that I've rolled with before. He's got a couple months less experience than I have so for once I'm the one with an advantage. I worked sweeps from halfguard a lot and managed to finish an RNC, an armbar, a Duda, and an Omoplata, he fought like HELL out of a triangle. I swept him over to mount with the triangle, couldn't finish it, rolled it back over and tightened it down and STILL couldn't finish it. The crazy.
My Half Guard resolutions worked out well. I was able to work down and sweep Ralph over to side control. I was able to work down and take the back on the other guy. My cardio feels better. I didn't feel like I was gassing as bad this time.

Note to self: Figure out how to finish this choke. I had it twice and couldn't figure out how to get my arms in the right places.

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