Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Take the Back from Halfguard

Stair Running, Day 1: 4 laps, 20lb weight vest.
There are 46 stairs one way in each lap. So that's 184 steps up, 184 steps down today.

New Goal to work on short term before Super Slam:
Get really good at taking the back from half guard.
1. Protect my arms and head.
2. Shrimp down on the same side as the trapped leg.
3. Keep my elbows tight and my shoulders hunched to protect against darce, etc..
4. Use my legs to pull me lower.
5. Get the overhook and explode up onto my elbow at the same time.
6. Harness.
7. Free the bottom leg.

DON'T be flat on my back. DON'T leave my arms vulnerable to Kimura/Americana. DON'T leave my head vulnerable to Darce.

DO get to my side. DO look for the Old School sweep as well. DO look to go out the back if necessary.

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