Sunday, January 30, 2011

BJJ 1/30/2011

I trained last friday as well, taught the beginner class and took the main class, but I was too busy to post about them. Went over breaking the guard in Gi and did some passing and reguarding drills. Main class was continuing work on armdrags and different variants.

Tonight I had 3 people for the beginner class. I started out with a movement drill where you Upa, shrimp, hipswitch to turtle, then sitout and end up back on your back and repeat. For technique we worked no-gi guard passing using a tripod pass where you post your head on your opponents solar plexus, base up on your feet and keep one arm in their armpit and use the other to break the legs open and start your pass. After everyone had the basic idea we drilled doing the pass and the bottom person had to shrimp, hip switch to turtle, then sitout back to guard.
Next up we worked on the basic scissor sweep principles. Getting the underhook, loading the opponent up onto the shin, lifting the knee, and sweeping. Worked that back and forth and then did about 30 minutes of flow rolling with a clear emphasis on the techniques we had been working on as well as the escapes from the previous classes. So far folks have been staying relaxed and working well with the flowrolling. Not sure how much they are really working on thinking ahead, but it seems to be helpful so far.

Main class was more armdrags. Armdrag to the back for RNC as a warmup drill, then armdrag to a half crucifix RNC, then armdrag attempt, but they post a foot up, so you underhook the knee, keep the arm tight, and roll over backwards for the sweep. Then just for kicks Case showed armdrag to the back to a rolling calf crusher. Fun stuff.

Specific sparring was from butterfly guard. I hit a bunch of armdrags, and managed to hit X-guard and swing to the back and kick th legs out. Was pretty as could be. Generally worked on armdrags from the bottom and just passed guard on the top.

Rolling was a 4 man group with 3 of our more athletic guys, luckily two of them had just finished Muay Thai, so they weren't as crazily energetic as normal. I played relaxed and prevented a lot of passing, caught a couple of triangles and whatnot. One of the guys kept trying to footlock me, so I heel hooked him very gently a couple of times. Fun class and I'm having an easier and easier time of managing the stronger and more atheltic people.

Also, my new Megalodon Gi that Casey, Coe and Darnell chipped in on for my wedding present came in and it is absolutely sweet. I'm going to try to get a picture of the back up since it has the Megalodon and Alliance logos on it. Looks quite nice. It's a Judo style Gi with the shorter sleeves I prefer and it's in blue. Very sturdy and it came with matching pants.

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