Thursday, August 11, 2011

BJJ 8/10/2011 - Good to be back

Great class last night started off with some gymnastic/agility drills. Technical stand to forward rolls, backward rolls, dive rolls.
Technique was butterfly guard, basic sweeps with underhook grabbing the belt, killing the far arm, then rolling over your shoulder and lifting with your hook.

Points to be particularly aware of are ACTIVE HOOKS, don't just kind of stick your foot there and hope that's enough to make the sweep work, You have to be putting pressure on your opponent at all times with your feet so that whenever they start to move you are forcing them off balance. Second point is DON'T BE ON YOUR BACK. If you fall straight backwards then try to lift your opponent for the sweep it will almost certainly fail and result in your guard being passed. You want to roll onto your side, not flop onto your back. Final point is FINISH STRONG. If you don't complete the sweep with authority you are likely to get caught in halfguard. Maintain pressure with your hook all the way over and drive your knee through to mount, or lift more explosively and free your leg early to end up in side control.

We drilled from butterfly for a while, then rolled with Steven and one of his Wrestler buddies. Wrestlers are always fun and since neither had a Gi I threw on my shorts and went No-Gi. Spent the entire time baiting them into armbars and taking the back as they tried to pass guard. Fun times. The guy will be a monster in 6 months if he sticks around and learns what not to do though.

NON-BJJ Related update:
Project Rebuild-My-CRX is coming along pretty well. Had to abandon the idea of swapping out the CV Axle myself because I lack the tools to remove the giant nut that holds the hub onto the axle, so I put that back together and will have to take the axle to a mechanic to have that done. But I got the radiator swapped out and the master cylinder swapped out. Now I'm on to the REAL problem which is that the thing won't start. The starter is getting juice and the solenoid is firing, but the engine won't turn over. So next step is to pull the sparkplugs and try to crank it to see if it's vapor locked, then try a push start. If that doesn't work then I might be forced to tow it to a mechanic for a look since I'll have exhausted my options. Once the starting issue is done though it's time for bodywork. The goal is to have it 100% restored with new fiberglass body kit and cobalt blue paint job by christmas.

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