Monday, August 29, 2011

BJJ 8/28/2011

Great class tonight! One of the new guys whose name I still don't remember showed up for the fundamentals class so I taught him how to shrimp, upa, and sitout, as a warmup then taught him the knee->elbow escape from under mount and briefly the scissor sweep so I could have him drill the combo with Kris.

Got Kris to work on his transitions while the guy worked on escapes having Kris try to intercept the side control escape by stepping over to mount, then defeat the mount escape by bouncing back over to side control. Both of them got in some good reps.

Worked some flow rolling with them both afterwards, well as flowy as they could get. The guys from Jefferson showed up and I grabbed the dude that has a fight coming up to do some warmup rolling.

While we were doing that Casey arrived and we kind of transitioned into the warmup, then into techniques. Technique was the no-gi version of the gi stuff we were doing friday. From side control you trap their near arm with your top leg, then you start attacking the far arm for a kimura, then when they defend you push their arm up and get a monkey grip on their tricep. Next you lever them up onto the side, putting pressure on the neck. Now step around and gather their far arm up with your leg, then shoot your other leg under and triangle it for the crucifix position.
From there you can execute a neck crank or a choke.

Next technique was when your opponent gets and underhook from bottom of side control and begins to escape. You sprawl out, airplane around to the other side, and backpack, then begin to lock up the RNC. When they defend you bring your top leg up and scoop their arm and stretch it out for a half crucifix, then finish the RNC.

Third technique was in case they beat you up to their knees with the underhook. On the non-underhooked side you reach under and cup their chin, then pull guard with your hips out on the underhooked side. Make a fist with the hand under their chin and pull it up with your other hand for an arm-in guillotine.

Did some drilled from side control, then rolled.
I'm enjoying having the guys from Jefferson there, the dude makes me WORK for sure. I was actually exhausted by the end of class. Too tired to finish a triangle choke on him. Had some really good scrambles with him.

Kris has become enamored with diving toe holds to the point where I've just about had to stop letting him work because all he does is jump on my feet, we'll see how that progresses. Either he will get good enough at hiting them that I won't be able to stop him (in which case props to him!) or he'll develop more options, either is good.

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