Sunday, August 21, 2011

I love JiuJitsu, seriously

Ok, so I have a 2 minute video of how I wrap my hair up in a bun that I'll be posting for some folks Tomorrow. So anyone interested in that keep an eye out.

In random awesome news BJJHQ is hooking me up with a rashguard with their Logo which I will be wearing for the no-gi portions of those events and should I manage to win anything for the award ceremony portion as well.
My purple belt test has been rescheduled finally for the 27th, and Paleo is shooting my energy levels through the roof. 3 hours of class tonight and I didn't even feel it by the end. I could have done 3 more easily.

On the down side I dropped back below 140 tonight. Weighed in at 139.7. I haven't been under 140 in something like a year. The odd thing about that is that I'm stronger now than I was at 152. I've been rolling with people who normally are able to muscle out of things and I just clamped onto them and shut them down. It's great.

My triangle choke game spontaneously revived itself as well. I had been glitching on my triangles a lot and just having trouble locking them in and finishing, but the last few classes I've been hitting them left and right and finishing them.

Kris showed up for the fundamentals class and we just rolled for about an hour and change. He's getting more aggressive again, but aggressive with a plan and a purpose, not just flinging himself at my guard. He's also getting sneaky with toe holds and foot locks, which is good. I need stay sharp and watch for those.

He hit a very nice transition to a D'arce on me as well which I liked.

Class was Octopus guard, which I'm not going to bother to detail at the moment.

Drilling was from full guard. I got guillotined a couple of times. Some of the new guys throw guillotines on like it's life or death so it took me a little while to get used to fending them off. Worked my top game mostly, sweeping, passing guard, alternating between riding heavy and staying mobile and flowing.

It was a great class and I hope we have more like it with all of the new guys showing up.

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