Monday, August 15, 2011

BJJ 8/14/2011

No one showed up for the fundamentals class, but about halfway through a couple of visitors showed up. There is a small MMA school in Jefferson that has been having some success and is starting to get into higher areas of competition where athleticism and a good standup game aren't enough to pick up the victory any more so they are looking to come train with us on Sundays.
It looks like they'll be coming up at 6pm and doing my class and the main class in order to maximize their training time.

Warmup in the main class was tech-falls, tech-stands, safety rolls, and combinations thereof. Then pair up and work mount escapes.
Class was on basic attacks from the mount. Put both hands on one of their arms and drive your weight down to either force their hand to the mat for an americana or force them to roll onto their side. If they roll onto their side then you move to technical mount and attack the top arm for an armbar. Remember to push down on their head as you step around to keep them from coming up into you and escaping.

Second attack is the same setup, but instead of trying to spin to the armbar you pressure down on their elbow and scoop under the head to setup the arm triangle. I have trouble finishing the armtriangle from mount, not a huge fan of that setup. I prefer to lock it up then move to side control and sit out to finish.

Third attack is, again, the same setup, but this time you feed your arm under their head from behind and grab their wrist. So now you have their arm trapped across their face/neck. Get a grip on the other arm, or shoulder, or anything you like to use to control them and then scoop and roll them over to take their back. When they try to free their arm you feed your arm across for the RNC to finish.

Specific sparring was from mount. I got to work with the two visitors a lot and made sure both of them got to the "position of the day". They both eventually made the transition to the back, but were a little slow to abandon the submissions and would have given me plenty of time to escape, but they were doing well.

Both had good explosive escapes.

Rolling was a gauntlet with everyone. Everything I was doing felt pretty smooth. I hit some triangles, swept some folks, and worked my top game. One of the new guys actually used the jailbreak on me to escape side control. Caught me by surprise the first time, but I immediately repassed and then blocked it. Working with MMA folks is always fun for their explosiveness if nothing else. I'm looking forward to having them and other people from their gym back to train with us.

Purple belt test has been rescheduled for the 27th.


  1. From the armwrap you described-- wondering if you have any hints to finish the "giftwrap choke" from there, instead of trying to roll them and take the back?

  2. I absolutely do!
    Assuming you have managed to wedge your non-gripping arm in next to your opponents neck you want to grip your own wrist/forearm as close to the side of your opponents neck as possible. Get a good firm grip. Next what you want to do is pull your opponents arm as tight against their neck as you can and at the same time work your hand closer to their neck by regripping and grinding your hand up your forearm. If you get to the point where your wrist wants to bend a little that's fine. Let it bend at first to deepen your grip, then tighten your grip up good and straighten the wrist out. Now drive your elbow down towards the mat like you would if you were doing a collar choke.

    Most people should tap or go out before this point, but some folks will require you to grind the whole thing out.

    For me the hardest part is never the finish, it's getting my second arm wedged in to actually be able to do the choke.

  3. Oh thank you... I'll see if I can work on this. Giftwraps were among my favorite attacks when I was a whitebelt and I won a few tournament rounds with them, but I haven't really come back to them as a blue belt (yet.) I'll try them again. Thanks!

  4. They are still one of my highest percentage sweeps. Secure the giftwrap from the bottom by securing a cross side collar grip and a same side sleeve grip, then hipping out on the sleeve gripped side while simultaneously pulling the collar down and pushing the arm across and up. Then you snap your arm over their head or pull them in tight to your body to block the arm and reach around to re-secure the arm if you lose the grip.
    That gives him the giftwrap grip, then you sweep like you just rotate under them, load them up onto your leg and dump them, all while maintaining the giftwrap.