Sunday, August 28, 2011

BJJ 8/26/2011

I forgot my gym key, so had to wait for one of the other guys with a key to arrive. Since that took a while it meant that Kris, Darnel (Who showed up with a key for us) and I just rolled for 45 minutes before the main class. We still have pretty much zero attendance for the fundamentals class even though so many people need it.

We started the main class with some takedowns that I will probably never ever use since they are off of a deep underhook and wrist control and if I have a deep underhook I always go for the body lock for the takedown. These were more judo-ish and involved an attempted hip throw to one side, then when your opponent postures up you spin to the other side for a head and arm hip throw. It was neat, but not one of my favorites.

Technique was a crucifix setup from side control that led into a choke. You first bring your top knee up to trap your opponents arm between your leg and your shoulder nice and tight. Then you feed their far side lapel under their arm and get a good grip on it with your hand that is under their head. Now you sit up and force their head forward. If you have a good grip on the lapel this will force their arm away from their body opening it up for the next step. You swing your leg around and hook their arm, then roll back a bit to get your second leg through and triangle them up to trap the arm. Now you have a solid crucifix.

We worked collar chokes from that position as well as an Ezekiel. Fun place to get to. I didn't have a lot of success moving to it when rolling because I wasn't able to effectively trap the near arm from side control, which points to a weakness in my side control positioning that I'll have to work on.

Rolling was a nice six person gauntlet of guys under 160. I mostly just threw people around and working my top game, except against Kris and Antony who I like to work guard retention against, especially Antony. Kris is continually getting better, and I'm looking forward to him getting his blue belt. I'm also looking forward to me FINALLY getting to test for my Purple next saturday as it had to be reschedule again.

I also spent some time rolling with Brian, our guy who has a fight at Bad Manor in a couple of weeks, mostly just having an insanely active guard against him. Working to constantly set up subs on him and make him defend, attacking his neck, etc... Caught him in one triangle before he started reacting properly to them and make him work a lot. I don't think he's going to have any worries about getting subbed in his fight this time around.

Tonight is No-Gi, so I'll probably be working with him again which is always a blast.

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