Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All Work and No Jiujitisu...

So it's been like 8 days since I last made it to class. I'll be able to go tomorrow, then it looks like out of town for work again. Went off Paleo for a few days for my wifes birthday, back on it starting tomorrow as well.
The strange thing about missing class for me is how sore I get. My back starts to bother me, my knees start to hurt, my neck starts to get troublesome. None of these things are sore when I'm going to class regularly. I swear, when I miss a week on the mats I feel like my body is going to fall apart on me, but training 15 hours a week feels great.

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  1. You know, my back and neck bother me too when I'm not training, too. Hope you are able to get on the mats soon.