Thursday, October 6, 2011

BJJ 10/05/2011

So I got brutally sick before NAGA and wasn't able to recover in time to go compete. So that completely sucked. My next opportunity will be US Grappling on the 22nd.

Class tonight was Open guard techniques using the Leg Hook guard (I think also called lasso guard?) that Braulio Estima uses.

First technique was my old favorite bicep crusher. You establish the leg hook by twining your leg over the outside of the arm you are attacking and threading it back through so that your shin is pressed against your opponents bicep and their forearm is pinched between your calf and thigh. Next you get trick and drop your other leg to the ground to allow your opponent to pass your guard and settle into side control but their arm is still pinned by your leg hook. So you triangle your legs, then reach up and grab the shoulder/tricep of the arm you are attacking and pull down while you extend the hips putting pressure on the bicep and elbow for the tap.

Second technique is the same setup, but instead of just dropping your leg and letting your opponent pass you take your non hooking foot and place it on the same side as your hooking foot with your shin pressed across your opponents stomach/lower chest. Now you rotate perpindicular with your opponent and load their weight onto your knee. Finally, underhook the leg and then rock forward and extend the hips to sweep.
I prefer to land in KoB instead of trying to finish the crusher from here, but the finish is an option by locking down side control and then extend your hips back away from your opponent and pushing down to the ground.

Third technique was the Fancy Technique of the night. You are setting up the leg hook, but your opponent is having none of it and stands up. You underhook the near leg and spin under, ending up in an omoplata position with the arm trapped. Next pass the arm you have controlled to the hand that is underhooking your opponents leg. Un-triangle your legs and kick the outside leg through as if you are doing a pendulum sweep and roll your opponent over and sit up. You will be sitting on their shoulder and upper chest, which gives you several options. My preferred option is to turn a bit and take the mounted triangle. But there are some armlock options as well.

I mixed in with the heavyweights for drilling and was able to continue executing my game plan of hitting the spin-under choke on one of the big white belts. Also was able to hit a tricky reversal on him when he was passing to side control, stiff armed his nearside arm so that it was extended under him as he passed, then grabbed his belt and bridged and rolled, taking him over into side control. Tried the collar choke on Johnny and was never able to trick him into it before he crushed past my guard. I'll have to come up with some new tricks for that.

Tried it against Casey, as well as comboing it with a couple of different sweep attempts. Came close with some one legged X-guard and a couple of other attempts, but ended up getting subbed with an armlock from an odd position on bottom, then got about halfway through a guard pass and stalled out trying to avoid getting swept over via trickery and ended up in a collar choke off of half a triangle that I absolutely did not believe was a threat until it locked in. Fun stuff.

For rolling a was paired up with Will (Larger white belt from drilling earlier) who has been out due to his new job for like six months, but is still very strong and fairly athletic and Antony who is always fun. Was able to continue implementing my gameplan with the collar chokes and the triangles, but I felt like my guard passing was a little weak. I'll need to work on maintaining my pressure better. All the same I was able to implement my game plan well.

Had a new guy in class with some previous experience. He had good shrimping and hip movement, and was very acrobatic. He passed my guard briefly with a flying cartwheel the first time, but I monkey flipped him and generally ran all over him. Same spin under collar choke and triangle game plan was working well.

Continuing to drill that same series all the way until US Grappling as well.

Oh! Final thing. A technique came to me in a dream (Which means I probably saw it in an instructional video some time in the last few months and it finally put itself together in my subconcious) and I tried it out with Antony after class.  From closed guard choose a lapel, I'm choosing the opponents right lapel. First I establish a thumb in collar grip on the back of my opponents neck with my right hand, then I pull the lapel free with my left hand and feed it up over my opponents back to my right hand. Pull it tight and then push off your opponents right hip with your left leg and rotate for the arm bar. If you get it, great, if your opponent feeds their head under the collar to avoid the armbar then you swim through on your left side for the overhook, reach up over the back of your opponents neck with your left hand and feed that lapel up to the left hand then just ratchet your elbow down for a SUPER tight collar choke.


  1. what do i need to work on besides conditioning to get back to where i was like 9 months ago.

  2. You need to slow the hell down and start THINKING while you are rolling again. Before you left you had started being more thoughtful, seeing your options, and moving with less haste and more purpose.
    Now you're back to just trying to be stronger and more explosive than your opponent.
    If you can come in on Friday at 6 we can start getting you back there. I'd like to see you get your blue early next year.

  3. From lasso when you sweep & come up into KOB, if this is the move I'm thinking of, don't you need to be very careful of how your hips settle against their forearm so you don't bicep splice on your shin, or break a bone? Hope I'm picturing your description right (it's well written, don't mind me.)

  4. Well, it's hard to accidentally put pressure on the forearm there. Your shin will settle in a little painfully on their bicep, but if you're in a situation where that finish is legal (NAGA) then you have to hook under their head and then extend your hips back and press down in order to get the pressure to finish it.
    I suppose it's theoretically possible if someone very large did this to someone very small that the momentum might carry them enough to finish unintentionally, but it takes a LOT of pressure to break the bone with that technique, so an accidental break is very unlikely.

    Your biggest concern is getting DQed for the slicer/crusher if you don't disentangle fast enough.