Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Heel Hooks and No-Gi DLR

Showed up at the gym today and the Tues/Thurs class is still kind of informal while the instructor is training up at Unit2. Only one guy was there, and he was waiting for guys to show up for MMA sparring. He offered to roll until they showed up though, and so I got in a solid half an hour. I hit him with a couple of single leg x-guard transitions to heel hooks, then showed him how to stop them.
He also tried a flashy rolling back take from top of quarter guard, so I showed him the super easy version of the same back take. We had a good 30 minutes of rolling then his MMA guys showed up so I watched them spar and offered some minor pointers on the grappling bits that happened.

I'll be hitting the gym up again every day this week, and maybe even saturday morning. So there is a chance that I will train 5 days this week, which would be a first time ever kind of thing.

Damn it feels good.

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