Friday, June 13, 2014

One Day of Training Is Better Than No Days of Training!

Felt good enough to get into the gym this morning, and found out that contagion had ripped through the whole place last weekend and the first part of the week, so I wasn't the only one just getting over it.

Jogging warmup to get the blood flowing, then Drill to Win this week was flower sweep to mount, then partner does knee to elbow escape and flower sweeps you back.

Key points to remember are not to GRAB the wrist, but to hug across and trap the wrist in the crook of your elbow, and cup the back of the opponents triceps. Then concentrate on moving yourself, not trying to move your opponent. Pop your hip out, scoop the leg up and roll them over the shoulder of their trapped arm. Remember to roll them at an angle, not straight sideways.

Techniques were related, from bottom guard you armdrag and pop out  on your hip, then post and kick over to take the back, then drag them to the side and finish with the choke.

Second technique, they shoulder in and prevent you from popping up to the back, so you keep the arm trapped under your arm, and switch off to the flower sweep, to S-Mount, to double armbar attack.

Third technique they frame on your face/neck as soon as you try to armdrag, so you pop your knee up to block them from freeing the arm, then rotate, hand on the face, standard armbar.

Drilled with a couple of other purple belts for about 20 minutes, which was awesome.

Split up to roll and I'm still getting better, getting some of my rhythm back. I was able to hit quite a few sweeps and transitions, and I realized that this is a whole new gym of people who don't know all of my tricks, so I was able to hit one of my old omoplata sweeps.

Establish your overhook from full guard and start working off to the side like you are trying to hit a triangle, as they posture up to avoid the triangle you bring your foot across to trap the arm and start threatening the omoplata, they keep posturing up, and you switch vectors and roll backwards to take mount. I haven't hit it in forever because everyone at my old gym knew I was trying it.

I'm also really enjoying rolling with multiple purple belts who are at MY size. I think there are only a couple of people in the gym who aren't under 180lbs, which is AWESOME.

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