Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New House! New Gym! New Post!

It's done!

Moved our horses and all of our stuff over the weekend down to the new place. It's beautiful and enormous. I have an outbuilding that is going to be rebuilt as a gym with mat space and weights, my wife has a huge barn for our horses, I even have a lake with fish in it.

AAAAND I'm 15 minutes away from Independent MMA, a Roberto Traven affiliate in McDonough. I went down there this morning for the first time to check the place out since they have 6am and 10:30am classes. Their main BJJ instructor is travelling up to Unit2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays right now to train with Traven, so the class was a little light. I got to roll with a couple of guys though and I really felt my lack of conditioning. Both guys were fun to roll with, had good movement, good base, and weren't spazzy or overly intense. It was a good introduction back onto the mats for me and I'm heading back tomorrow for another class that should have more people in it.

Right now they are all No-Gi training for a competition coming up, I'm assuming the Newbreed Crystal Cup event, but after that event Mon/Wed/Fri goes back to being Gi days. Probably a good thing since my No-Gi game has suffered in recent years as I barely trained it. As a result I could feel even more rust than usual. My defense was ok, reasonably good pass defense except against one particular knee-cut pass that I can NOT remember how to stop properly without Gi grips. Lots of submission defense which I find preposterously easy without the Gi, though I did feed myself into a slick improvised No-Arm Triangle variation, and get caught in a bicep slicer while trying to hurricane pass out of baiting a triangle.

Hopefully training 4-5 times a week for the next 3 months will get me sharpened back up and I'll feel like a purple belt again and can start making the push to Brown over the next 18 months.

Oh, and I'll be documenting my buildout of my little gym, so should be photos and stuff of that when it starts in a few weeks.

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