Thursday, June 19, 2014

Old Tricks and Triangle Chokes

Made it into the gym today, and again just had one of the aspiring MMA guys to play with. This time a much less experienced one who had some wrestling background, but seemed pretty new to the BJJ side of grappling. He clearly hadn't quite adjusted his wrestling and had a lot of habits that are good in wrestling, but bad in BJJ. After the 3rd time I caught him in a triangle choke I showed him how to posture up out of them, gave him some tips on passing to the 'easy' side, and had about 45 minutes of good rolling.

I'll be back in the gym tomorrow for one of the larger classes to get some more good drilling in, but a lot of my no-gi game has come back together over the last few weeks to the point that I'm busting out tricks I haven't used in years from the overhook, including omoplata to triangle setups, and other shenanigans. I'm actually enjoying No-Gi again.

Today is probably going to have a double post, since I've got some philosophical musings rattling around in my head, so look for that later this evening.

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