Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No-gi work and MMA coaching

Back on the mats today, once again with just the one MMA guy there to roll. I'm starting to feel like a purple belt again in No-Gi, getting the proper grips, developing the right defensive movements, framing my hips properly to get the sweeps. I'm definitely 100x better today than I was when I first got back on the mats 3 weeks ago.

I've been pretty dedicated to using the 'saddle' (inside 50/50) and heel hooks as my primary no-gi submission against bigger guys, but I need to develop my pressure and control well enough to be able to apply a larger variety of submissions.

I got a little bit of deep-half work, and a couple of deep-half to x-guard transitions, in but mostly worked butterfly and knee shield variants.

After about 45 minutes of rolling I sat around keeping time and helping coach the 3 guys working MMA rounds in the cage. Just basic advice, but generally helpful. I'm enjoying doing some coaching and I'm trying to plan a trip out to Wild Bills to watch the guy fight in August, but I may not have the cash for it, or the time, depends on when it happens.

Overall I'm feeling good about my jiujitsu and I'm feeling more and more confident that 6-8 months of 4+ day a week training might actually get me ready for a run at brown belt.

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