Monday, January 24, 2011

BJJ 1/23/2011 Main Class

Casey has decided to concentrate on arm drags for the next 6 weeks or so, which is awesome. I love when we get into a good groove on a technique and I really get to put in a bunch of reps.
We worked on a couple of different ways to break grips and control the opponents wrist, the Kung Fu grip release (AKA Wax On)is one I've always used, but the one where you kind of clap your hands together and grab your opponents wrist is one that I've seen, but seriously under utilize. After the grips it was all about getting a good deep drag, moving yourself as much as you move your opponent, and keeping control of the arm.

We practiced locking in the RNC, as well as transferring to an Armbar, and to an arm triangle. Very good stuff. I was working with one of our Ammy fighters, Brian, who has an extensive Muay Thai background but only starting working on his JiuJitsu in the last 12 months or so. He has a tendency to fall back on his supreme athleticism in BJJ and it has slowed his development some, but he's getting a handle on it now and is really looking to improve his technique. I spent some time helping him tune things up and showing him small adjustments that made things work a lot better for him than trying to hulk smash muscle everything. If he sticks to working his technique as relentlessly as he works on everything else then he should be ready to go pro MMA next year.

Rolling/Drilling was all combined today. Two lines, one big gauntlet, one side of the room starting with butterfly hooks and working to hit the armdrag. I worked it as best I could, but ended up using my opponents reaction to the armdrag attempt to sweep or sub in other ways most of the time. I did get quite a few successful armdrags out of it though. Definitely good trainin'.

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