Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No-Gi BJJ 1/9/2011

Was back at my first no-gi class since early december and it felt a little strange, but the break must have reset something in my brain because my normal no-gi game was back. Overhook to triangle to armbar to various other stuff.

Technique was halfguard passing while defending against a kimura attempt from the bottom, then countering the kimura attempt with a spinning armbar. So that effectively kills my ambush kimura game that I've been using. Not that I'll stop until people start regularly hitting the armbar on me, but I'm definitely going to have to be more wary now that everyone has been shown the counter.

Worked with the light guys for positional drilling, mostly swept folks, but Antony was back and once again surprised me by standing up to escape in a spot where I just DID NOT expect it. I love working with him.

We had one of the guys from the UGA club come sign up to train with us, super tall guy that has Muay Thai experience, had a hilarious moment where I thought I was sweeping him and suddenly one of his arms came out of no-where to brace him and he slapped on a guillotine. I'll really have to watch out for those with him. He tried it twice more but I was prepared for them and blocked it handily.

We have another new guy in the class that is close to his height, but with less experience. It's good to have some more new blood.

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