Thursday, January 6, 2011

BJJ 1/5/11 First class of the new year!

Back to Jits for the first time since... Dec 17th I think. I was sure I was going to be completely exhausted after five minutes of rolling, so I grabbed Justin and did a quick warmup roll. Yes. I was completely exhausted after 5 minutes. Then class started and we worked on guillotines with modified grips. Worked on the Marcelo grip which is palm to palm with the choking palm facing your body and the supporting palm facing your opponent and your elbow resting on their shoulder. This means when they posture into it, or drive forward to defend it actually chokes them more. Not a fan of that grip from standing, but from halfguard I loved it.

Worked from closed guard after that for a while and I ended up singing Paranaue while rolling and tossing everyone around with ease. Paired up with Kris and Justin to roll live. You may remember Kris as the white belt that caught me in a Triangle choke right before I took my break. He made the mistake of posting about it on facebook, leading me to promote him out of the "Let the noobs work on stuff" category and into the "NO FREEBIES FOR YOU" category. With that in mind I spent most of the time breakdancing on him. In the interest of fairness I played mostly the same way with Justin. Justin has about an 80lb weight advantage on me though, so it's a good deal harder to toss him around. Still, felt good flow the entire time and didn't get tired at all. I felt MORE energetic by the end of class than I had when I started.

A great first class back! Now I gotta get with Casey about teaching beginners classes and stuff.

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