Monday, January 24, 2011

Fundamentals Class 1/23/2011

I had to go take care of my horses today which made me a little late getting to class, we only had two people there for fundamentals though. My friend Will and Casey's daughter Katie were there. Continuing with the idea of Frames and Escapes we worked on escaping from side control by building a frame on your opponents neck and shrimping. Once again I talked about combining movements including the Upa in order to make space with the Frame, and to look for shortcuts to the escape. We also talked about what happens if you do get squished and can't shrimp away and reguard.
The second you feel that you aren't going to be able to get your hips away you swim for the far side underhook and reach across your opponents shoulders at the same time you kick over and trap their leg, then try to take the back.
We also talked about what happens if you get wizzered and squished after you have the underhook and the leg and I showed them how to ratchet themselves downwards using the arm and the legs together. Spent a little time talking about using your whole body to accomplish your goals.

I had them drill building a frame while the opponent was passing to get them to start thinking ahead. The goal was to build the frame and shrimp to reguard, then the opponent passes on the other side and repeat, then try to get some pressure on to stop the reguard. If you felt like you weren't going to get the reguard you had to swim and switch to the underhook.

That was all we did for the last 20 minutes or so of class was to practice framing and then swimming for the underhook. Both of them made good progress and I swear I'll have Katie stomping the lightweight guys by the end of the summer if she sticks with it.

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