Sunday, July 31, 2011

BJJ 7/31/2011 - Paleo and Flow Rollin

Had a decent class for the beginner class today. Ian was there with a couple of the kids and Kris was of course there. In the work I've been doing with Kris I've seen that one of his few remaining big weaknesses is that he stalls out in positions and lets his opponent get settled and start working before he starts to attack or escape, so I had planned on working on that with him solo today. Since I had people there though I worked on it with everyone.
A 30 second review of an escape from side control, kob, mount, and north south. Next we paired up and had the bottom person initiate their escape, and the top person transition immediately to another position, and the bottom person immediately initiate a new escape, continuing to flow through until the person on the bottom escaped.
We did that for about 10 minutes with little to no resistance to get a feel for the flow, then did it again with full resistance with the person on top really trying to maintain their top position. After about 20 minutes of that we did 5 minute rounds of flow rolling adding in subs but only as catch and release. Had a LOT of good flowing moments there and I think everyone got something valuable out of it. I'm going to make the first part of it a common warmup drill I think.

Main class turned out to dovetail nicely with my class as we spent the entire time flow rolling. I had an absolutely fantastic roll with Brian for probably 20 or so minutes. Hit several places where he had to pause and we figured out what his exit path for the position was, he got me with a couple as well, especially one foot lock where I THOUGHT I had control of his back to prevent it, and he was able to secure it. Took a minute to work out a way out of that. He also has the habit of sort of counter-kimuraing people if they go for a kimura on him from halfguard bottom, well this time I was ready for it. When he postured up and started to crank my arm I pushed my bottom leg free and used that torque to spin all the way through and armbar him. It was spectacular. The next time I tried it he kept control of my leg, a third time I was able to get a sweep instead.
I also tweaked my right arm when he had me in a kimura and as we were rolling over my arm got stuck for a second and I couldn't tap in time to avoid having it popped a little. Somewhere along the way my calf also got strained. No idea where that happened.
Also rolled with Vinnie who is another of the ammy fighters. Worked my top game where I could, he has really slick halfguard sweeps but his mount escapes need work. Generally he's a blast to roll with though. Had a great time overall.

Also, day 6 of Paleo is now DONE. Bought some 100% fruit juice, a bottle of water, and got a cup of ice on the way home. Mixed the juice and the water about 35/65 juice/water and drink it all on the way home. Delicious. Dinner was carrots and this awesome braised chicken stuff...

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