Thursday, November 3, 2011

Figure Four Leglock Counter to the DLR

Ok, so I got several requests for a video of the figure four DLR counter that I mentioned a few posts back, and since I'm nothing if not an attention whore I have delivered!

You can clearly see my crazy hair from the two and a half hours of grappling prior to this. The guy with the DLR has the deep DLR hook, but it works just fine with the shallower one as well, you just have to pull the leg through with authority.
I have no idea what the legality of this move is in competition, but it's essentially two straight ankle locks and a kneebar, so as long as kneebars are legal you should be all good.

Special thanks to Kris for being my victim here and Antony for running the camera.


  1. That is awesome, I am blowin' up somebodies knee in my next class.

  2. I like it, especially the sound effects...

  3. Thanks man, I love it! Especially the little bit of Flair at the end hehe \m/