Thursday, July 28, 2011

BJJ 7/27/2011

Concluded my second full day of Paleo by eating half of a chicken. Apparently my Oodwalla fruit drink counts as cheating though, even though it's all fruit.

We started class with practicing setting up the single leg. Worked some reps back and forth. My biggest problem with takedowns at the moment is freeing my sleeve from my opponent so that I can actually go for something. Too often I get annoyed and trying to free my grips and just go for a sacrifice throw entry into open guard. When it works, it's great, when it's not I end up playing open guard, no big deal. I still need more TD work though.

Technique was halfguard escapes using deep half. Pretty much all the same. Catch halfguard, burrow down, then either pop out the back or reach through and grab the foot for Oldschool or one of the variants.

Drille from halfguard briefly and I tried to let people work the techniques from class. But they were mostly more interested in trying to choke me. So I crushed them all.

We did 10 minutes of man in the middle takedowns. Ankor domainted. He's developed some wicked throws and has good base. I was never able to get under him properly to hit my throw and his grips on my sleeves shut down all of my other attempts.

Rolling was some kind of gauntlet, we swapped around a bit. I rolled with Kris for a while and tried to work upside down guard. Worked sweeps and transitions. Just moving around on top and stuff. Rolled with JC and he spent 90% of the round trying to collar choke me until I eventually passed to side control and held him for the last 20 seconds or so.

In non-BJJ Related news my wife found an awesome website called Turntable.FM which people should check out. It's awesome.

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