Thursday, July 7, 2011

Off My Game...

Last night I felt completely off of my game.
I was tired all day, my day at work was frantic and irritating, and I was looking forward to class. The second I started warming up with one of the kids I knew it was going to be an off night. I felt way weaker and slower than I normally do. Nothing seemed to be flowing properly my mojo was just not at its peak.

Technique was more side control work. This time you are working to slide the knee across to take mount and your opponent blocks it with their hand, so you attack the far arm. First attack was the kimura, second attack was farside armbar, third attack was the fancy one.
You move up towards your opponents head and get your knee settled in under their shoulder and their arm isolated, then you move to take mount and let them block it. Grab their sleeve or their wrist and pull their arm down and towards you, then take a big step all the way over them into a mounted triangle and grab your shin. Adjust, then roll to the side for the finish.

Drilling I was with Casey, Coe, and Lewis (3rd or 4th class for him) which further exacerbated my lack of mojo. I did have some decent flow with Casey, but that was more due to him creating flow than me flowing well. With Coe everything felt forced, and with Lewis I just spent my time waiting for him to make a mistake most of the time. Johnny came in about halfway through the drill and worked in with us for a bit.

Rolling was with Lewis and Steven and since I decided to work escapes against Steven since his side control pressure is so good. I didn't completely let him pass my guard, but I didn't put up as much of a fight as normal. I need to continue working escapes with him because he does have good top pressure. I still swept and subbed him a few times, but none of it felt as relaxed and flowing as I like it to be. With Lewis I again just waited for him to make mistakes then swept him and hunted for submissions.

On the positive side, my Arm Triangles are getting slick. That's a technique I used to have a ton of trouble finishing and now it's one of my highest percentage submissions. On that note, I need to do a new mind-map with my current game. It's getting a little disjointed and I need to get it back in line.

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