Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BJJ 7/3/2011

Just had Kris for the beginners class so we rolled for about an hour and change occasionally stopping to trouble shoot things for him he's still improving rapidly and I'm looking forward to him picking up his blue belt when Jacare gets back.

Main class we started out working takedowns and I'm continuing to improve on my single leg. Still spent more time hitting sacrifice throws though. Went for one Seio Nage to firemans carry combo that ended up with Kris RNCing me. Doing that throw No-Gi requires a hell of a lot more precision than in the Gi since if you let their arm slip at all you get choked.
On the ground we were working Kesa attacks including a sort of chest crush/neck crank, kickstand armbar, and the americana with legs (I believe). Worked with Ankur on those.

Drilling was from Kesa,I swept some folks and whatnot, Ankur subbed me with the chest crush thing from class, Casey murdered me, fun times.

There was a new guy in class today, it's his second class and he's one of Ankur's friends. Very athletic and still pretty spazzy. He caught me across the bridge of the nose with a very nice looking elbow while we were rolling which annoyed me. So I monkey flipped him and armbarred him and told him to relax. He's got great potential if he'll just slow down, take a breath, and work on paying attention instead of tearing peoples heads off.

Rolling was one big gauntlet so I got to play with Casey which is always fun, passed his guard, and was able to get a sweep against him when he stood up one time. Mostly murdered though.

Gi class tonight should be loads of fun.

New mundials video coming up as well.

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