Saturday, October 8, 2011


Showed up at 6pm to teach the beginners class and Will and Kris both showed up. Kris showed up first and needed to know some better guard passing techniques, so I showed him a closed guard pass and a butterfly guard pass.
Starting in closed guard you get a two on one sleeve grip on your opponents left sleeve. You have to keep their left leg pinned with your elbow at first to make sure your opponent can't swivel to attack your arm, so you don't want to just hang out with that grip. So, you then yank that sleeve up and push the arm across to the other side of your opponents body and stiffarm it down to the mat with your left arm. So now your opponents left arm is pinned across his body and you are stiffarming it down with your left arm.
Next you stand up with your RIGHT leg first. This way they can't try any shenanigans with grabbing your leg. Next stand up with your left leg slightly further back to keep it out of harms way. Make sure you keep pressure down on the wrist the entire time with your stiffarm. Now you can bounce a couple of times to loosen the guard, then grab their left pants leg at the knee and push it up towards their head, then swivel it out and around towards their pinned hand and settle into side control. You should have easy access to the collar to continue on to the bow and arrow choke.

Second pass was a smash pass against butterfly guard. Starting in butterfly you scoop your right arm under your opponents knees as far as it will go, then bring your left arm to meet it. You don't want both of your arms to be the same distance through the legs because that will make it harder to sprawl out on your side. So with your right arm fed through and hopefully gripping the outside of your opponents right leg and your left arm supporting the grip you sprawl backwards on your right shoulder and hip. Your right shoulder should be driving your opponents left knee down against his right one. Now walk around towards the front of your opponent a couple of steps, and then switch hips and drive your LEFT shoulder into your opponents solar plexus and at the same time scoop up on your opponents legs to stop him from being able to shrimp.
Finally reach up with your right hand and grab your opponents belt, then reach up with your left hand and secure the head and settle into side control.

Did some rolling after that with him just trying to point out places where he could improve things. One big thing was that when he stands up to try to pass he is very bent over and gives up the monkey flip (Tomoe Nage?) all the time.

Will showed up about then and I tried to get then to do some flow rolling, they are still both trying to figure out what "Flow" actually means, so it was a little spazzier than I wanted it to be. But I tried to coach them both to THINK about what they were doing and once they got tired they started to flow better. Also rolled with Will a bit, just regular stuff. Sweeps and control, working the collar choke and trying to get him to think about his movement and move with purpose.

Main class was more leg hook guard.
First move, establish your leg hook and pass the sleeve off to the opposite hand, then reach over the top and get a grip on your opponents opposite trap or shoulder. Dig your leg hook in under the opponents opposite leg (So, your right leg to their right leg) and get everything tight, then shoulder roll back and lift your leg to sweep your opponent over and take side control.
Second move, same setup, but your opponent is too based for you to manage the sweep, so you pop your knee out and come up onto it, while securing a belt grip on your opponent, then put your head down and roll forward into an omoplata.
Third move, same as the second, but when you roll your opponent resists hard and tries to posture up, so you kick your leg around and secure the triangle choke.

Drilling was from feet on hip spider guard. I hit some triangle chokes, some sweeps, and did some passing. Standard stuff. Got in reps of most of my good stuff. Some more monkey flips. I'm still not happy with my guard passing. I feel like I'm not being technical with my passes. It's not like sweeps where if you do it right your opponent just magically ends up under you. Passing is a battle the entire way and requires that I fight each step to block my opponents attempt to stop my pass and reguard. I need to remind myself of that and realize that I won't always just melt through my opponents guard.

Rolling was a full gauntlet, so lightweights and heavyweights all together. Rolled with a newer white belt whose name I learned was Jeff first. I secured my cross collar grip and popped into the spin under collar choke on him three times in rapid succession. Then triangle choked him. Then some more collar choking. He seemed enthusiastic about it. I think I spent the whole round subbing him from the bottom. Did pretty much the same thing to all of the other whitebelts, though with Kris I ended up working up some modified collar chokes replacing the collar with the lapel.
Had a nice round with Darnel, the ~220lb purple belt. Essentially stalemated, which I feel good about. He's really really solid. Also had a great round with Casey. He kept trying to establish one-legged x-guard while I was trying to pass, but my legs are short and I'm quick, so he kept having to bail on it and I eventually managed to beat him through and get to side control. I also was able to at least threaten a couple of sweeps, which was nice. It felt like just a really really solid day.

Closed it out rolling with Jeff for ten minutes. He didn't seem to mind getting subbed a bunch and I tried to let him work a little as well. Let him pass to halfguard once while I forced a leghook bicep crusher. He kept fighting it off at first, but couldn't free his arm. So I was able to just make it happen. I like him, hope he comes back.

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