Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Your Grips and Move Your Hips

So after my experience up at Alliance HQ over the weekend this thread popped up over at JiuJitsuforums and Jack weighed in with some tips about the importance of getting grips, everyone piled on to agree and Jack threw some really good tips in.
I approached all of my rolls in class today with the intention of concentrating fully on grips before trying to implementing anything else. The result was a huge increase in the number of finishes that I was able to get. Was able to shut down everyones game, hit sweeps on people that usually are able to resist me, and generally ran amok on all of the lightweights. Gripping is definitely key. Win the grip fight and you win. End of story.

Techniques today were open guard passes, so that worked well with my grip concentration.

Weighed in after dinner (couple of delicious chicken breasts) and rehydrating and tipped the scales at 139.2. Will probably wake up at 136.5. No problem making it to 135.5 by saturday.

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