Monday, October 24, 2011

US Grappling Videos are UP!

 Ok folks, commentary is welcome either here or on the videos themselves. I felt really great about this whole competition. The videos have some match commentary in the descriptions.

 Trying to setup my next tournament outing to be US Grappling in Richmond for their submission only tournament instead of doing grapplers quest in dalton. I would just RATHER do US Grappling tournaments. Better organization, better atmosphere, just plain better.


  1. I think a next tournament next month in Richmond is a fantastic idea! *insert squealing & jumping* (Also reminds me, I still need to register, doh.)

    US Grappling does run great tournaments. They do their best to make sure everyone gets as many matches as possible and to communicate often & clearly with everyone. They rock.

  2. It looks like Richmond won't be the next one for me, sorry. My wife has a nursing school thing that won't end until late, so I wouldn't be able to leave until about 5-5:30. Putting my arrival time at like 2 am. Getting to sleep at 3am and waking up at 7 to go compete all day is not fun...

    So new target is Grapplemania in Dec.

    I should be able to get to most of the tournaments up there going forward since I'm making US Grappling my primary (possibly sole) tournament venue because of their excellent organization.

  3. I know BJJ is not all size, but two of the guys looked like they were a foot taller than you.

  4. Well, yes. Three of my matches were in the Absolute divisions, my opponents in those were all around 30-40lbs heavier than me and 5-8 inches taller.

  5. Yeah, some of those guys were huge! But you looked good! Good competition, and you're right-it looks like a really nice atmosphere to compete in.