Monday, October 31, 2011

Homework Assignment for November 2011

Time for a new homework assignment. If you haven't done any of the previous ones that's ok. This one isn't connected to any of the others. I still recommend you go take a look at them and work through them, but you can do this one on its own.

The assignment is for the entire month of November, so get ready to pay attention for an entire month. We're going to keep a limited food diary for 30 days. It's limited because we are ONLY going to worry about what you eat in the 2 hours before you train.
So here's what I want you to do. Every day that you train keep track of WHAT food you eat, and roughly how much of it, as well as how much time elapses between when you eat and when you start training. Include what you DRINK as well.
Then AFTER CLASS record how you felt in that class. Were you sluggish? Were you hyper? Did you feel weak? Strong? Happy? Irritable?

Keep this log for the entire month and see if you can draw any conclusions about what foods best fuel you for your training.

*UPDATE* Just wanted to add a note, it's OK if you want to keep a full food diary, but not part of this particular assignment.


  1. Perfect timing. I've been meaning to start keeping a food diary again, but I needed a kick in the rear to get there.

  2. LOL... I have been a little OCD ever since my first competition when I realized I could (and sometimes should) manipulate my weight. Really it's a lot easier to lose weight than most women make it out to be. I can tell you right now what I usually eat before training and how I feel during/after, but I'll wait till December to post my results. Good assignment :)