Saturday, October 15, 2011

BJJ 10/14/2011 - De la Riva MADNESS!

So only a handful of us showed up at the beginning of class. Me, Casey, Coe, Katy, and Yoshi, so we decided that the three higher belts would each show something crazy and teach it to everyone.
Coe started us off with a DLR hook, then you pass your front leg over the arm that you have a grip on and put pressure on. You can sometimes get the arm lock there, but if you don't you underhook the near leg and spin under, corckscrewing yourself under your opponent and then they just fall over and you take side control. The difficult part was getting spun under your opponent, but we found you could make the sweep work with the barest bits of your legs if you got under them right.
That reminded me of another DLR trick I had seen, so I showed that. You get the same DLR hook and cross your leg over the opponents arm, but this time you tuck your foot under their thigh and and extend your leg to put additional pressure on the arm. That forces your opponent to lower their head, you then situp and grab the belt, or the gi, or the tricep, whatever you can get a grip on, and roll backwards while lifting with the leg to flip your opponent over in awesome fashion. Key is to SIT UP as far as you ca.
That reminded Casey of a move for when your opponent is fighting off your DLR hooks and pushing into you. You have a slight DLR hook, but your opponent keeps squaring back up against you, so you put your non DLR hooking foot in his hip, get a little bit of a grip with your DLR hook, and execute an overhead sweep. Worked a treat. Key is to drop your knee towards your chest about 3 inches, then extend as you swirl your arms out and down.
That led into a bunch of other crazy DLR stuff, including variations on all of those techniques. And then I found out I could set up the Ric Flair Figure Four leglock as a counter to the DLR. You just have to push the DLR hooking leg in on top of the non DLR hooking leg and then sit back like you are going to do a straight ankle lock on the non DLR hooking leg and kick your nontrapped leg over. It's super complicated to describe, so next week I'm going to do a quick video on it. It's 100% comedy submission, but it DOES work if you are pimp enough to pull it off.

Antony and big white belt whose name I forget showed up somewhere in the middle, so we had a couple more people.

Rolling was one big guantlet. Fun times!


  1. Hey dude. still waiting on this De La Riva to Figure Four Vid :o)

    Some other examples of the DLR stuff you did in that class would be cool too. Gotta love that DLR \m/

  2. I had completely forgotten to video that! Did it some more tonight to a guy. I was doing it jokingly and he started saying it could never happen. So when we restarted I popped him right into it. I will definitely get that filmed and posted soon.