Sunday, October 16, 2011

Training at Alliance HQ

So, by my definition of "Winning" while training I won like 5 times yesterday at HQ. For anyone not familiar with my definition here it is, "You only win in training when you learn something new. Nothing else matters." I learned a TON.
The warmup was the nice kind of functional warmup I like. There was an initial round of jogging, but then it was straight to the ground for shrimping, reverse shrimping, and shrimping around a partner while they advance. That led right into no-handed armbars from guard, then triangles, then omoplatas. Which led directly into the technique of the day which was the Omoplata.
From feet on hips, with double sleeve control and your knees on the inside of your opponents arms and putting pressure out on the elbows you extend one leg and shrimp out, pulling both of their arms towards your hips and extending them. Then bring your top leg over, foot on your opponents back, and put knee pressure on their elbow. You CAN get an armlock here, but most people will rotate their arm to relieve the pressure, which gives you the omoplata. So when they rotate the arm you extend your leg over their shoulder and pull your bottom leg through. It's important to retain control of their bottom sleeve the entire time here. That's a huge key detail that I was missing before that makes it SO much harder for them to escape. Once your legs are crossed and extended you can release the bottom hand and switch your grip, then grab your opponents belt and pull yourself upright. Move your hips away from your opponent slightly to break their balance and then reach across and free up their opposite lapel. Pull the lapel up and grip it with both hands, bringing your elbow down across your opponents back. Keep your weight anchored DOWN on the shoulder, not across their back. Now bring your knees up under you in an "S" shape and push your hips forward to finish.
The second part of the technique was for when your opponent is really strong and postures up after you cross your legs. You pretty much just swing your upper body around with their momentum, underhook the arm you aren't omoplataing and grip the shoulder and pull them down tight while you scoot your hips away to finish.

I really liked doing one technique with a lot of depth. It's a nice contrast to the broader, but more shallow multiple technique style that we have at Megalodon. It's nice to learn 3-4 techniques in one class, but it's also nice to go in depth with detail on 1 technique sometimes. Another reason why making regular trips up to HQ will help me.

Rolling got me paired up with a guy that is apparently a Judo black belt and I think a BJJ blue. He was very lanky which gave me space to move under him pretty well, so I was able to at least attain a couple of superior positions. We were pretty much even, though after the roll my grip was wrecked from trying to control him.
The second guy was a purple belt who MIGHT have weighed 160, but felt like a truck was parking on me. His grip control was outstanding. None of my normal tricks played AT ALL. Every time I moved I would get halfway through my escape and then find out that he still had my gi in a vise grip and I couldn't get anywhere. His transitions were also killer. I would think I was in the middle of escaping and he would just flow to a new position, frequently with an armbar or a triangle. It was awesome and I was able to FEEL how the flow that I want to develop worked.
The third guy was a blue belt that's only been training for 18 months, but trains 4-5 times a week. Again, grip control was insane. His transitions weren't QUITE as smooth as the purple belt, but were still really slick. Again he frequently transitioned smoothly right into submissions as I was escaping from places. He also got me with the "Move of The Day" omoplata when I started just trying ridiculous shit to try to pass his guard. All of those guys have that damn long range halfguard that I CAN NOT reliably pass.

So, list of things I learned I REALLY need to work on:
1. Stand up to pass
2. Grip control - Break opponents grips, secure my grips.
3. Pass LRH
4. Transitions into submissions

I'm going to write up a training plan to address those items and post it here a bit later, probably tomorrow.
Next trip to Alliance HQ is scheduled for Nov 19th. That will be after the two tournaments I have coming up, and will probably mark a transition in my training focus to include more trips up there in place of competition. At the beginning of the year I'd like to make it twice a month, and then if at all possible sometime next summer move to every saturday having a trip up there to train.

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