Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UGA Grappling Club 9/20

Got to the club early and sat around watching the Kendo people whack at each other with sticks while I stretched.

Turn out was good, we had 12 repeats and 6 new faces. 18 people showing up is great. Again we had 4-5 people from Megalodon there, which was good. I opened up by grabbing the new people and showing them how to Shrimp, Upa, and Sitout while the repeats all hit the wall for shrimp+upa+sitout warmup.
Next I taught the Knee to Elbow escape from mount, then the Scissor Sweep. Then I showed them the drill that combines the two. So one person would start in mount, the other would knee to elbow escape, then scissor sweep. Now the other person escapes from mount and sweeps, repeat. I had them do that a few times to get used to it.
Next I showed the knee-through guard pass. I went over the basic guard break again to reinforce the concept and for the people who didn't see it before. Several people had trouble with this pass because they kept turning their backs to their partner when moving around to side control. Had to remind them to get the underhook before moving, which solved that issue.
Finally I gave them a submission to play with. Rear Naked Choke time. I chose that one because I want to force them to work for position instead of trying to crank subs on each other all the time. So I gave them a sub which only exists at the very TOP of the positional hierarchy. Everyone seemed to have fun with that and we moved on to rolling.

This time in order to try to be a little more organized I counted everyone off and had the even numbers take places on the mat, then paired them up with an odd number and had one set of numbers rotate each round. Now that everyone has had a taste of rolling with a variety of people I'll probably set them up in 3s next time and let them do 2 rounds in, 1 round out.

I spent the time working nice and controlled and making it a point to perform the techniques I had shown them and letting some of them sweep me, etc...

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and overall I thought it was a good class.


  1. So the shrimping, upa and sit-outs was the start of the warm-up, or did you do anything else before that?

    On the few occasions I've been in charge of warm-ups, I normally go the standard 'run round, knees up, heels up, face in sidestepping, face out' etc, as I worry that the joints etc won't be warmed up enough if I go straight into the more BJJ specific stuff, like shrimps and bridges.

    Is that a stupid worry, and in your experience shrimping etc warms up all the joints just fine?

  2. I've always used BJJ specific movements as the warm ups. I've never felt them to be more strenuous on the joints than something like jumping jacks or running. My feeling on warmups is that I can jog and stuff outside of class. When I'm in class I want to me working on things that are specific to my jiujitsu so I strive to make the warmups relevant.
    Shrimping is a fantastic, low stress, full body movement that makes a perfect warmup exercise. That's why I do them in that order. Shrimping isn't very ballistic, upa is a little more ballistic, Sit-Outs are pretty ballistic.