Thursday, September 30, 2010

UGA Grappling Club 9/27

We had a total of six girls show up to the class, which was awesome. I think only 2 or 3 of them will stay on as regulars, but that's still good. I continued my normal warmup of Shrimping, Upa, Sitouts, then had the folks who had been there before working on Situp sweep to mount, then Knee to Elbow escape, then Situp sweep, repeat...

After that we move on to some a halfguard sweep and a halfguard pass. I taught my go-to moves for both of those. The sweep is 99% similar to the Upa mount escape. You overhook the arm on the same side as the the trapped leg, then plant your inside foot as close to your butt as possible, put your hand on their hip, and upa. You push with your arm at the same time to increase the amount of separation between you and your opponent so that you can try to land in side control top instead of halfguard top.

The pass was the basic shoulder of justice pass. Underhook + arm under head, good shoulder pressure, walk your foot up to their butt, then pop their knee down and drive through to 1/4 guard, put your other foot up on their hip and drive your trapped foot the rest of the way through to mount.

After that we did Americana from side control.

Next week we'll work on Armbar from Mount, and Side Control Escapes, then I'm going to start them working on the "Boring" parts of jiujitsu. We'll be doing positional rolling starting in full guard with the top person working to pass, and the bottom person looking to sweep. No submissions. I'll probably have them do 10 reps of the situp or scissor sweep and 10 reps of a guard pass right before hand so they have something fresh in their mind.

I think I'll start waxing a little philosophical on them as well... Time to get them to start settling down when rolling instead of trying to out muscle and out run each other.

The one sour note was that I had to call out one of the guys for some inappropriate remarks while a couple of the girls were rolling. I suppose I could have done it quietly later, but I wanted everyone to know that I don't tolerate that kind of shit. He seemed to understand, so I don't think it will be a problem in the future.


  1. Have you got any ideas on how you'll try to keep up the retention of female students? Also, how are people finding sparring: is it something they seem to be looking forward to, or something students are wary about?

    It would also be interesting to hear more about how you dealt with the guy making sexist comments. Definitely something I would like to see instructors stamp out, although to be fair I normally only hear sexist and/or homophobic stuff in the changing rooms afterwards, which is difficult to avoid.

    I have occasionally heard instructors say stuff like "don't be so gay" or "that's really gay" during class. However, IIRC, that was mainly in the few MMA sessions I've attended, a number of years back.

  2. I'm trying to keep the environment friendly and accessible for the prospective female students. I've got one of the girls from Megalodon attending and she helps out with new girls. I think so far we're only going to end up with 1-2 other girls actually sticking it out, but that's still pretty good IMO.
    I dealth with the guy that was making the comments by shouting across the room while tooling someone else that he needed to shut the hell up and that kind of shit would not be tolerated and if I heard anything like it again from anyone there would be the kind of royal asskicking that their grand children would still be stinging from.

    Oh, and the most "That is totally gay" commentary I've ever heard came from a friend of mine who is so fabulously gay that he pisses rainbows.