Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/2/2011 BJJ and Wendler 5/3/1

Just going to hit the highpoints. It's coming up on Lutador time which will be my first tournament this year. I'm starting conditioning before class now, started out slow with some work on the big yoga ball holding KoB, transitioning to side control, and holding mount. Rocked out some stability ball pushups and other random stuff with it. Did some windsprints and running just kicks my ass like nothing else.

Jits warmup was my favorite drill. Upa->Shrimp->Turtle->Sitout->Repeat, then armbars from guard, then fitins for a hipthrow. That led right into our class for the night which was all standup. Various grip hipthrows. I fucking HATE working standup. We have no crash pads, then mats aren't very thick, and we work on it so rarely that only a couple of us know how to control the throws very well. It's always a pain in the ass. It's also one of my weakest points. We did some takedown sparring which I participated in a minimum of and then on to rolling.

I was in a group with Brian, Andrew, and a new guy that has done two classes. Started out with the new guy and he tried to dive onto my head going about 150%. I fought him off and threw some subs at him to see how he reacted a few times and then the round ended. Next up I rolled with Andrew, very chill working from guard, setup the armbar, then worked from the top, passed guard, and held mount, transitioned to tech mount and setup the single collar choke. Switched to the bow and arrow choke when he held out, then to a shin in the back of his neck to finally finish.

We took a break then I rolled with Brian. I was being as squirrely as possible, working to make him work and try setting up subs. Mostly we just stalemated for like 3 minutes.
Then I ditched the gi to go a second round with the new guy. Without the friction from the Gi I went back to my superior No-Gi game and really got into the groove on him. Tossing him around and subbing him every time he tried to super speed rush past my guard. He's in REALLY good shape, so hopefully he'll learn to calm down, pay attention, and work. Hopefully I can get him to come to the fundamentals class and slow him down there.
Last roll was with Brian again and was no-gi. In the middle of a great sequence where I setup a triangle, then he defended, I switched to an armbar, he defended, I switched to the omoplata and he defended, I caught my fingers on his gi pants and bent them back bad enough that I had to tap. We were just getting into the groove, but that was arleady 10 minutes past the end of class.

Came home and did my overhead press work. Finished out the set with 7 reps w/ 80lbs. That's not too bad considering that my left shoulder is still protesting. Chugged a bunch of milk too, hoping to put on some weight and some strength for lutador.

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