Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3/2011 Deadlifts

Deadlift day on 5/3/1.
Warmup sets 5/5/3 with 75/92.5/112.5 then main set with 120/140/157.5. Hit 10 reps with 157.5 which I felt good about.
Then I ate a huge bowl of pasta w/ tunafish in it and drank a bunch of milk. My finger is really stiff from where it got caught in Brian's Gi yesterday, but it didn't interfere.

I decided I should setup a 6 month rotating curriculum for the Fundamentals class. I'm going to work on that tomorrow before class. Current idea is to teach in this order:

Month 1: Positions - moving through them, holding them, transitions
Month 2: Escapes - framing, shrimping, upas, sitouts, combining escapes
Month 3: Guard Passes - posture, grips, guard breaks, various principles of passing
Month 4: Sweeps - grips, breaking balance, using leverage, etc...
Month 5: Basic submissions - Armbar, Triangle, Americana, Kimura, Guillotine, X-Choke, Ezekiel
Month 6: Review

I'll put together something more comprehensive tomorrow.


  1. Have you checked out Cane Prevost's blog, The Gentle Art?

  2. I don't believe that I have... I'll have to check it out.