Friday, March 11, 2011

Weightlifting 3/10/2011

Tonight was deadlifts. Warmed up and powered through them, 7 reps with 165lbs, so no drop from the 5x week. I already feel like I'm building back up pretty well. I've been doing my chiro prescribed stretches at work to keep my lower back flexible and I can once again put my palms flat on the floor with my knees straight without any pain. There is some soreness in my back that I'm slightly worried about, but it's not all that painful and doesn't seem to be bothering me much. I assume it will go away over time as I continue to stretch properly and take care of my back.

I'm going in to full on tournament prep mode starting tonight. So, competition level rolls with everyone and no breaks. I'm hoping to be rockin it enough to take the blue belt absolute at Lutador and win the moneys. We shall see though.

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