Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BJJ 3/6/2011

Bit of a late update this time around. Had only a couple of people for the beginner class so I went over the underhook and overhook methods of controlling posture in guard, and then since the two people in the class weren't complete noobs I went through an armbar -> triangle combo from the underhook position.

Spent some time with Katie refining her butterfly guard, she had the same issue most people do of starting with her knees too close together and not maintaining the linkage between her elbows and knees while moving.

Main class was guard passing, the No-Gi version of the passes we did Friday. Hand just below the sternum, hand on hip, sit back to break the guard, then pass. We did a couple of variations of baseball slide and backstep pass.

Drilling was from full guard, I passed a bunch, swept a bunch. Let a couple of the smaller whitebelts work through the pass properly.

Rolling I was with Ian and Vinny (Vinnie?), Vinny is one of our ammy fighters that usually just does Muay Thai. Last time I rolled with him he triangled me a dozen times. He hasn't trained much on the ground since then though so this time around we stalemated. He's very dynamic and athletic which is fun, makes me keep moving the entire time.

Ian kept trying foot locks but was falling back before he actually locked the grip on which allowed me to repeatedly just pop my foot out. I set up a nice gradual armbar and hit it, and then did a stealth heel hook setup against his combat base and got that one. Mostly we just went back and forth though. He caught me with a wicked Kimura from bottom of halfguard while I was trying to pass. I couldn't shake his hand off and he jumped on it as soon as it got too far for me to defend it with my other hand.

Another good class, but I need to really work on upping my intensity when I'm rolling heading towards Lutador.

Visiting the local Judo school today finally, that's going to be fun!

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