Sunday, March 20, 2011

BJJ 3/20/2011

Fundamentals class had Katie and Kris today, so we worked on pummeling to double underhooks and then changing levels and stepping around for the basic sitdown takedown to side control. I made them pummel a BUNCH and practice it over and over. Next we worked on another basic guard pass, breaking the guard and hitting the double underhook pass. I emphasized locking the hands tight and getting a good stack by stacking once, then sitting back and pulling your opponent up, then stacking really hard and rotating towards the head. Again, made them practice it back and forth a bunch.

Things to keep note of are keeping your elbows in tight to stop people from switching to Z-guard. I noticed later that I have a very bad habit of not keeping my elbows in tight enough. I need to work on that.

Third was the regular scissor sweep. I emphasized getting the underhook and really pulling your opponent forward onto your shin and then chopping them over. Also showed a variant for when you get the overhook instead of the under hook. Lift and get your knee pointed to the ceiling, then block them with your leg and move your upper body away and hook the elbow to finish with the Americana variant that Ian McPherson uses.

Afterwards we did some position only rolling for a bit trying to concentrate on guard passing and sweeps. Then after a bit I started rolling with Kris and the wheels in my head started spinning and I started having a lot of fun and then something clicked and suddenly my transitions all started flowing really well. To the point that I was just airplane spinning on Kris and flashing from sub setup to sub setup and all over the place. It was great.
Next step is to try it on some bigger white belts like Andrew or Will, then on Antony, then on someone like Brian or Ian to see if I can keep that level of flow. If I can move like that at Lutador then the no-gi should be no problem.

Gi mobility is still a problem for me, I'll have to see what I can do about that.

Kris is finally starting to chill out I think, that bodes well for his progress. I'm certain he'll get his blue this year in October if he trains through the summer. After Lutador I'm going to start working through Blue Belt test with the people that come to the fundamentals class to make sure they all pass.

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