Thursday, March 24, 2011

BJJ 3/24/2011

Got to class about half an hour early and rolled with Will for about 20 minutes, he's back up around the 235lb mark and when he did get on top of me it was pretty crushing. He's gotten a lot better at using that weight. I was still able to sweep him and airplane all over him though. Definitely my transitions are a step above now.

Warmup was super technique heavy which was great, armbars from guard, triangles from guard, kimuras from guard, sweeping and recomposing guard and resweeping, then some standup work. I had to take it easy on some of it because I'm trying to let my knee and ribs heal before Lutadore, but a good warmup.

I don't remember what the technique we worked on was... So much technique drilling was done that I THINK that's all we did. Then we went to drilling in closed guard and I swept a bunch of people. Antony is super difficult to sweep because as soon as I open my guard he disengages and stands up. I have to bait him with a guard pass to get him close enough to work on him.

Rolling I was in a group with Brian, Antony, and Kris. After the first round I was talking to Antony about Lutadore prep and we decided I should he tweaking my "A" game to get ready. So the next round I was all loop chokes and cut passes. Ended up accidentally bloodying Antony's nose, but I also pulled of the chin strap choke from mount on him, so I'm happy. Brian vs my A game = I don't get subbed and can somewhat out position him. I took his back and held it for points and kept him from passing my guard. A technical victory. Kris tends to grab a sleeve and throwhimself backwards to z-guard, which actually makes it harder to submit him than Antony. I passed his guard and was setting up an arm triangle and my hips got too close, he sensed it and flipped me over which I was very happy with. He's making good progress in the sensitivity department and seems to finally be getting over his obsession with submitting everyone he rolls with. Of course I grabbed halfguard, then full guard, then reversed him, took his back, and choked him. He tends to protect his neck and arms very well though, just need to get him to combine so better defense and escapes with that.
He rode out the rest of the round under mount while trash talking about how I only subbed him once, so I supermanned my cup into his solar plexus and can openered him, but he remained steadfast and rode out the last 30 seconds. I'm really happy with his progress and I see him getting his Blue soon, same for Will. Brian is still a long way away not because of his ability to grapple, but because he only bothers to know like 6 techniques.

Good times! Teaching fundamentals on friday, more pummeling drills and I think collar chokes will be on the menu. I saw a lot of people flaring their elbows and trying to finish with strength when we were drilling them today.

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