Sunday, March 20, 2011

BJJ 3/18/2011

Lot of hilarious pre-class banter before this one which always bodes well for a fun class. We had a new guy who is about 5'6" and somewhere north of 200lbs. I ended up working technique with him so I could show him how things went. The only gi we had for him to borrow was a TKD gi that was about 2 sizes small.

Techniques were all lapel based starting with breaking the opponent down and feeding one lapel up over the back to the other hand. Then if you could pass it off you grabbed a palm up grip with a nice tight lapel and finished like an X-choke essentially.
Second technique was if your opponent ducks his head out of the choke, this traps their arm with the lapel, so you pull the lapel across and swivel to armbar the trapped arm.

Then my favorite of the variations, you get the grip like you are going to hit the first choke, but they reach up to defend, so you grab their sleeve and pull the arm across and hip out to trap their elbow against your stomach, then pull your elbow back to tighten up the choke. Excellent pressure with that one.

Positional sparring starting in closed guard. I tried to work the lapel stuff, but I always have a hard time figuring out how to get the gi open and available, so usually by the time I got somewhere close to the gi being available my opponent had done something that forced me to sweep them. So I got a little practice with it, but not as much as I wanted.

Rolling had Coe join our side since he was heading up to Alliance on Saturday and he always gets thrown to their giants. He squished me a bunch, but not enough to stop me from trash talking.
Don't really remember much else, I DO remember that I was able to put together a bunch of X-guard sweeps which I've been working on.

Good class. Good times.

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