Thursday, March 17, 2011

Injury Update 3/17/2011

Left middle finger: Very stiff, sore, limited ROM. Probably going to take weeks to fully heal since I keep using it and ignoring it.

Left ribs: Sore, slight pain when taking very deep breaths, tender to the touch. Probably be fine in a week.

Left knee: This is generally my "Bad" knee and it's a little achy because I haven't been doing squats because of fencepost work and the right knee injury. It will probably never fully stop hurting, but it doesn't interfere with anything and always gets better when I'm lifting.

Lower back: Some soreness, mostly muscular, some stiffness, same. Still 100% flexibility. I was able to comfortably put the balls of my feet on the floor above my head while laying on my back. This should continue to improve with my stretching and weight lifting. I have noticed that I need to strengthen my back to counteract my abdominals. The muscle imbalance makes it hard to hold good posture.

Right Knee: Some soreness at the extremes of the range of motion. No weakness, no real pain. It stood up just fine to playing feet on hips spider guard yesterday and tornado guard. Should be 100% in a week.

Neck: Little bit of soreness, but generally my symptoms are pretty minor. If I poke the spot where I have the bone spure I can feel things go tingly, but it rarely interferes with my ability to do things. It does make neck cranks extra painful for me and I tap to them really quickly, which is why I tend to really fight to avoid them.

All told I'm feeling in good shape. Feeling strong and flexible. Going to go back to lifting and just restart the 3 rep week of 5/3/1 and not worry about it. Return to lifting scheduled for next Tuesday.

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