Saturday, March 5, 2011

BJJ 3/4/2011

Fundamental Class:
I had enough brand new people in the fundamentals class today to start the actual curriculum so we started out by running through the basic positions. Then we I had them drill moving from one position to the next for a while just to get the idea of moving around in their heads.
Next I demonstrated safe position inside guard and I showed them how to posture up. I had them drill posturing up back and forth for a bit, then moved on to showing how to hold side control and the basic side control escape.
Finally we did positional flow rolling.

Main Class:
Some of the new folks stayed for the main class and we had a visiting blue belt named Josh from California in as well. We worked basic guard breaks and passes, standard grip the gi, grip the hip, make an L with the hips, knee through, establish side control. Good to get reps in and I worked with the super turbo spazzy new guy and got him to slow down some and work technique. He has great potential once he slows down.

Rolled with the spazzy guy, steven, and brian. Almost got Brian with a nice chinstrap choke but I couldn't get the leverage quite right. Then he eventually managed to escape a triangle attempt and get to my back for the choke. Rolled with the visiting Blue belt at the end of class and immediately choked him with my single collar hangman variation. Not sure if he just didn't see it coming or what. The rest of the roll was him being unable to get past my guard and me being unable to mount an offense. Towards the end he passed to side and I pushed down for the inverted triangle and time ran out. Fun times!

Bench press is tomorrow. I'm probably going to end up breaking my lifting up into Mon/Tues = Squats/OHP, Thurs = Deadlifts, Saturday = Bench. That should give me a good rhythm with enough rest built in.

On a non jiujitsu related side note, I now have an awesome Tokay Gecko named Vanderwall the Fierce who is currently climbing around on the side of his aquarium. He was the final birthday present from my awesome Jennosaurus. He seems to be stuck to a paper towel, and he does not appreciate it when I spray the side of his aquarium with water...

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