Monday, March 28, 2011

BJJ 3/27/2011

Again, just taught the fundamentals class since I'm trying to let all of my injuries heal. Kris showed up and wanted to work on halfguard sweeps and halfguard passing so we worked on the halfguard overhook sweep and then the oldschool sweep and the plan B sweep.
For passing I just went over the basic pass where you switch to a cross body position and walk your foot up until your knee is straight up and down, then push your opponents leg off and drive your knee to the mat. Showed a couple of alternate finishes for that pass as well, but all of the setups involve pinning your opponents upper body so that you can free your hips and pass.

Did some flow rolling after that, worked up to some medium strength rolling. JC and Antony showed up early for the main class and I grabbed JC to roll for a bit, he's 100% submission defense, so I sweep him and then sit in mount messing with him. He tried to peel me off with his feet so I ankle locked him, but he refuses to tap, so instead of ripping his stupid leg off I let him go and reset and just kept crushing him from on top. He really needs to open up a bit so that his escapes develop, but apparently he doesn't actually like BJJ all that much.
Rolled with Antony and had a lot of fun, he's better at establishing the deep halfguard than I am, but I'm able to stop him from doing much with it. We went back and forth for a few minutes having a good time then the main class started up so I headed out.

Hand is much better, but still achy, knee is feelin pretty good though it still has some stiffness and soreness, ribs are much improved, back flexibility is still good.

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